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Community Provider Coalition Network

Provider's Network is designed to support the existing initiatives that referring agencies offer while enhancing services to improve the lives of individuals seeking to maintain stability within their lives and communities through a supportive collaborative network. To learn more about joining the Community Provider Coalition Network, click the button below. 

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Network Providers 

Community Provider Coalition is a collaborative network of providers in various industries, professions located in AL, MD, NC, SC, OH, GA, TX, VA, LA, MS, MO, District of Columbia.  Our providers offer shared resources and collaborative community services, to see the providers click on the view all below. Telephone contact or  the website information is provided for each. 

Drug Addiction Treatment Providers

Behaviors Health 


Diagnostic & Laboratory Providers 

Home Health Providers 

Medical & Intergrated Care Providers

Housing & Family Services Providers 

Transportation Providers 

Janitorial Providers 

Mental Health

& Counseling Providers

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Benefits to Joining Community Provider Coalition

Why you should partner with us!

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We enjoy when our clients and providers of the network give us feedback! It helps us build a strounger network and create a better service experience for you! Leave us a review!

Stay tuned...Live webinars, training and workshop dates coming soon!

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