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Give us a call, email us at, or submit consult form for a free consultation and learn more about our Membership Level Benefits today! Membership is free to individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations. 


Although most of our members receive free services, our fee-for-service packages are affordable and can be cancelled at any time with 30 day notice. 


*Some service contracts may require a 3-month minimum.  You will be informed if you meet this criteria in advance of initiating services. Our $100 Annual Membership Fee is non-refundable (only for For-Profit Network Members). 

Community Partner


 FREE; includes a free online, face to face, or over the phone consultation, coaching, counseling, case management, assistance and linkages to community resources for individuals and entrepreneurs.

Blue Sponsor


 $25.00 - $100.00 Donation or Sponsorship

Services include all services as a Community Partner plus additional online training resources, communication updates from our network, review and feedback on your business plan and other documentations plus basic administrative support.

Green Sponsor


For a One-Time $100 Annual Membership Fee, plus a $400 donation/sponsorship, program participants will receive all services included above plus telecommunication support (coaching and strategic planning assistance) weekly, electronic review of administrative documents with feedback and upgrades, assistance with development of new material, up to 5 hours of operational support, and one monthly onsite or virtual customized meeting or training needed to meet your business goals. Green Members have access to our network database and receive weekly operations and managerial support.

Purple Sponsor


For a One-Time $100 Annual Membership Fee, plus a $600 donation/sponsorship program participants will receive all services included above plus up 10-12 hours a month of administrative, operational and development support.  This membership level offers 2 yearly site audits, ongoing development leads to increase revenue, and monthly onsite or online training sessions, review or development of business/marketing/risk management/strategic plans. Bi-Weekly Strategic Develop Plan meetings.

Gold Sponsor

For a One-Time $100 Annual Membership Fee, plus a $1,200-$2,000 donation/sponsorship program participants will receive all services included above plus up 16-20 hours a month of administrative, operational and development support. Gold Members are recommended for entrepreneurs or companies that have multiple projects involving development (new business startup, increasing revenue with existing business, obtaining contracts, obtaining accreditations or certifications,  or searching or applying for grants, etc.), operation needs (auditing, training, & monitoring),and administrative needs (applying for articles of incorporation or organization, obtaining business licenses, recruiting for employees, posting ads, conducting marketing and outreach initiatives to obtain visibility.

Additional Alternative Options:

Diamond Sponsor


This member ship level consists of a one-time $100 Annual Membership Fee, plus a donation/sponsorship from $2,000 or above program participants will become CPC Partners and will have public recognition on our advertisement and marketing initiatives for recognition, promotion and visibility.  Sponsors $5,000 or above will be listed on our website with a direct link to your business or organization of choice.  (Business must meet the criteria and will be approved by the Board of Directors).  This member level offers a customized service plan to meet specific, high-level, creative, or sensitive needs for the community.